Configuring a Run Profile to Load the telephoneNumber from AD

Configuring a Run Profile to Load the telephoneNumber from AD


You need to get the AD telephoneNumber attribute into MIIS and synchronize it.


Configure a run profile that combines import and synchronization (this recipe), then execute it (see Recipe 23.24):

  1. Open Identity Manager.

  2. Click the Management Agents button on the toolbar.

  3. In the Management Agents pane, click the ADMA.

  4. In the Actions pane on the far right side, click Configure Run Profiles.

  5. In the Configure Run Profiles for "" (the name in quotes will reflect the name you chose when creating the ADMA), click New Profile.

  6. In the Name text box type Delta Import and Delta Synchronization, then click Next.

  7. Ensure Delta Import and Delta Synchronization is selected in the Type drop-down list and then click Next.

  8. Ensure the correct domain partition is showing in the Partition drop-down list, and then click Finish.

  9. Ensure the details in the Step Details field looks like Figure (note: your partition name may be different and the assumption is that you have completed the previous recipes).

  10. Click OK.

Dialog showing Delta Import and Delta Synchronization run profile added to the existing ADMA run profiles


Because a previous import step was completed in an earlier recipe, you can use the combined Delta Import and Delta Synchronization step so that MIIS imports and synchronizes changes that have occurred in AD since the last time it connected. You can use this run profile from now on since it keeps track of changes internally using the DirSync control.

The Delta Import (Stage Only) step in the AD Export run profile (the confirming import from Recipe 23.17) also imports changes, which suggests you could simply configure a delta synchronization run profile to process those changes in this recipe. Such an approach will work. The decision on which approach to use will depend on the service-level agreements you make. If it is two hours since the last AD import, your service-level agreement might force you to import and synchronize the changes that have occurred over the last two hours and feed them to the HR Database; however, you may only need to export to AD every four hours. If you only rely on the changes detected in the confirming import step, you will only be able to update the HR Database with changes every four hours.

See Also

Recipes 23.17 and 23.24 for how to use the run profile configured in this recipe

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