Creating a Run Profile for Provisioning

Creating a Run Profile for Provisioning


You need to synchronize data using the management agent to provision new accounts in the AD connector space. Before you can run the MA, you have to create a run profile that will synchronize the MA's connector space with the metaverse.


You now need to create a provisioning run profile for the HR Database MA to synchronize user objects from it to the ADMA's connector space. The run profile step is of type synchronization.

  1. Open Identity Manager.

  2. Click the Management Agents button on the toolbar.

  3. In the Management Agents pane, click the HR Database MA.

  4. In the Actions pane on the far right side, click Configure Run Profiles.

  5. In the Configure Run Profiles dialog, click New Profile.

  6. In the Name text box type Full Synchronization, then click Next.

  7. Ensure Full Synchronization is selected in the Type drop-down list, then click Next.

  8. Ensure default is showing in the Partition drop-down list, then click Finish.

  9. Ensure the details in the Step Details field looks like Figure.

  10. Notice in the Management Agent run profiles list, the Full Import (Stage Only) profile you created earlier is still there.

  11. Click OK.


There are two types of synchronization run profile: full and delta. A full synchronization will process every object in the connector space. This is obviously necessary when it is the very first synchronization on the data. But in normal daily operations you would only want to perform delta synchronization steps because they only process objects that have changed since the last synchronization.

Dialog showing a Full Synchronization run profile added to the HR Database MA

Full synchronization is also used when you have made a change to management agent configuration, e.g., you have added a new attribute flow. Usually you will want to run the reconfigured MA against all of the objects in the connector space. A delta synchronization would only apply the rule to objects that had changed since the last synchronization.

See Also

Recipe 23.13 for setting up the HR Database MA to project objects to the metaverse, Recipe 23.14 for writing a rules extension to provision user objects to the ADMA from objects in the HR Database MA, and Recipe 23.16 for executing the run profile created in this recipe.

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