Differences with Windows Server 2003

Differences with Windows Server 2003

As with the new features, we suggest you carefully review each of the differences and rate them according to the following categories:

  • It would positively affect my environment to a large degree.

  • It would positively affect my environment to a small degree.

  • It would negatively affect my environment.

The vast majority of differences are actually improvements that translate into something positive for you, but in some situations, such as with the security-related changes, the impact may initially cause you additional work.

Additional replication security and fewer replication errors

Replication metadata is now removed for domain controllers that are removed from the domain. This enhances directory security and eliminates replication error messages related to the deleted domain controllers.

Install from media improvements for installing DNS Servers

New option to include application directory partitions in the backup media eliminates requirement for network replication of DomainDNSZone and ForestDNSZones application directory partitions before the DNS Server is operational.

Updated tools

Newer versions of DcDiag, NTDSUtil, AdPrep, and other tools to aid in management, updates, and troubleshooting.

Extended storage of deleted objects

Tombstone lifetime on new forests increased from 60 to 180 days. Existing forests are not modified.

SID History attribute retained on object deletion

The SID History attribute has been added to the default list of attributes retained on an object tombstone. When the object is undeleted, the attribute will be restored along with the object.

Operations master health and status reporting

Operations that require a FSMO domain controller that cannot be performed will generate Directory Service event log messages.

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