Loading Initial HR Database Data into MIIS Using a Run Profile

Loading Initial HR Database Data into MIIS Using a Run Profile


With the MA and run profile created, you now want to load the data in to MIIS.


You need to execute the run profile to load the data. In Recipe 23.1, refer to (1) in Figure 23-2, which shows data being loaded from the HR Database to the HR Database connector space.

  1. Open Identity Manager.

  2. Click the Management Agents button on the toolbar.

  3. In the Management Agents pane, click the HR Database MA.

  4. In the Actions pane on the far right side, click Run.

  5. In the Run Management Agent dialog, select Full Import (Stage Only) and click OK.

  6. You'll have to be quick if there is only a small amount of data in the database. Notice the MA says Running in the State column of the Management Agents pane.

  7. In the Synchronization Statistics pane in the bottom lefthand corner, statistics show the number of adds is displayed. If you click the hyperlink, you can navigate the information that was loaded.

The HR Database you are importing from must have records in it before MIIS can import any data.


When designing a large system, work with a very small (maybe 10 records) representative set of data during development. This is because you will frequently find errors in your rules, and set about deleting everything in MIIS, re-configuring your rules, and starting again. It is much better to do these initial data loads with 10 or so records rather than 100,000 records, which will take a long time to load. When you are finally convinced your rules are good, start working with larger datasets.

See Also

Recipes 23.1 and 23.9 for how this run profile was configured

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