Modifying the Default Display Name Used When Creating Users in ADUC

Modifying the Default Display Name Used When Creating Users in ADUC


You want to modify how the default display name gets generated when you create a new user through the ADUC snap-in.


Using a graphical user interface
  1. Open ADSI Edit.

  2. In the Configuration Naming Context browse to DisplaySpecifiers <Locale> where <Locale> is the locale for your language (e.g., the U.S. English locale is 409).

  3. Double-click on cn=user-Display.

  4. Edit the createDialog attribute with the value you want the new default to be (e.g., %<sn>, %<givenName>).

  5. Click OK.

Using a command-line interface
	> admod b cn=user-Display,cn=409,cn=DisplaySpecifiers,cn=Configuration,
	  <ForestRootDN> createDialog::"%<sn>, %<givenName>"

Using VBScript
	' This code modifies the default ADUC  
display name.
	strNewDefault = "%<sn>, %<givenName>"
	strForestName = "<ForestDNSName>" ' e.g.
	' ------ END CONFIGURATION ---------

	Set objRootDSE = GetObject("LDAP://" & strForestName & "/RootDSE")
	Set objDispSpec = GetObject("LDAP://cn=User-Display,cn=409," & _
	                              "cn=DisplaySpecifiers," & _
	objDispSpec.Put "createDialog", strNewDefault
	WScript.Echo "New default for user's display name has been set to: " & _


When you create a new user object in the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in, it will automatically fill in the Full Name field as you type in the First Name, Initials, and Last Name fields. As a convenience, you may want to alter that behavior so that it automatically fills in a different value. To do that, you need to modify the User-Display display specifier, which has the following distinguished name:


<Locale> should be replaced with your language specific locale and <ForestRootDN> should contain the distinguished name for your forest root domain. You need to modify the createDialog attribute, which by default has no value. Replacement variables are presented by %<attribute>, where attribute is an attribute name. For example, if you wanted to make the default be "LastName, FirstName" you would use the following value:

	%<sn>, %<givenName>

See Also

MS KB 250455 (XADM: How to Change Display Names of Active Directory Users)

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