Write and test a metaprogram that prints a series of prime numbers using mpl::print. Compare your program to Erwin Unruh's original code at http://www.erwin-unruh.de/primorig.html.


Rewrite the assertions in the dimensional analysis code from Chapter 3 to optimize the diagnostics for library users. Analyze the resulting messages as generated by a few different compilers.


MPL contains special macros for asserting numeric relations. because, when applicable, they present a much more convenient interface and higher-quality error messages than plain Boolean assertions do. What other category of test might deserve/benefit from a similar approach? Design an interface for handling these cases, and describe the kind of output you'd like to see it generate.


Implement the interface you designed in exercise 8-2 using one of the two customized message generation techniques discussed in this chapter.


Fix the hand written error reporting in returning_ptr in section 8.3.3 so that the salient information appears in the first line of the diagnostic on GCC.

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