5.2 Using this->

For class templates with base classes, using a name x by itself is not always equivalent to this->x, even though a member x is inherited. For example:

template <typename T> 
class Base { 
    void exit(); 

template <typename T> 
class Derived : Base<T> { 
    void foo() { 
        exit();   // calls external exit() or error 

In this example, for resolving the symbol exit inside foo(), exit() defined in Base is never considered. Therefore, either you have an error, or another exit() (such as the standard exit()) is called.

We discuss this issue in Section 9.4.2 on page 136 in detail. For the moment, as a rule of thumb, we recommend that you always qualify any symbol that is declared in a base that is somehow dependent on a template parameter with this-> or Base<T>::. If you want to avoid all uncertainty, you may consider qualifying all member accesses (in templates).

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