Dispelling Misconceptions about UML

Dispelling Misconceptions about UML

Many developers have several misconceptions about UML. Perhaps you do too, but after reading this book, you’ll have the misconceptions dispelled:

  • UML is not proprietary. Perhaps UML was originally conceived by Rational Software, but now it’s owned by OMG, and is open to all. Many companies and individuals worked hard to produce UML 2. Good and useful information on UML is available from many sources (especially this book).

  • UML is not a process or method. UML encourages the use of modern object-oriented techniques and iterative life cycles. It is compatible with both predictive and agile control approaches. However, despite the similarity of names, there is no requirement to use any particular “Unified Process”—and (depending on your needs) you may find such stuff inappropriate anyway. Most organizations need extensive tailoring of existing methods before they can produce suitable approaches for their culture and problems.

  • UML is not difficult. UML is big, but you don’t need to use or understand it all. You are able to select the appropriate diagrams for you needs and the level of detail based on you target audience. You’ll need some training and this book (of course), but UML is easy to use in practice.

    • UML is not time-consuming. Properly used, UML cuts total development time and expenses as it decreases communication costs and increases understanding, productivity, and quality.

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