What role does SAP NetWeaver play in ESA?

What role does SAP NetWeaver play in ESA?

SAP NetWeaver is the technology foundation for ESA, for the mySAP Business Suite, and for everything else that SAP creates. SAP NetWeaver, shown in Figure, is a comprehensive platform designed to make the development, composition, and maintenance of enterprise software as easy as possible. SAP NetWeaver contains an application server that can run code written in ABAP or Java. All of the modern enabling technology for XML messaging, Business Process Management, data warehouses, OLAP, for reporting, searching, collaboration, building and managing UIs, and extending applications to mobile devices exists inside of SAP NetWeaver. SAP NetWeaver has a collection of development tools such as SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer to enable rapid development through modeling, and ABAP Workbench and SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio to implement services. SAP NetWeaver has been extended with such things as the Enterprise Services Repository that stores descriptions of enterprise services and how they work along with many infrastructure layers devoted to the creation and support of services.

Defining SAP NetWeaver

As ESA evolves, SAP NetWeaver's role is changing from an integration platform to a platform where the composition of new applications and the recomposition of existing objects and enterprise services will take place. Still later, as ESA reaches maturity, SAP NetWeaver is envisioned as being absorbed into the architecture itself, evolving into the business process platform that supports and offers enterprise architects access to the enterprise services and business objects operating above it (see Figure).

SAP NetWeaver's evolution to the Business Process Platform

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