What Should I Do Tomorrow?

What Should I Do Tomorrow?

Consider agile as an attitude, not a formula. In that frame of mind, look at your current project and ask, "How can we, in this situation, work in an agile way?"

  • Look for how far you are from the sweet spots in your development team. See how creative you can be in getting closer to or simulating them.

  • Look for where your team can lighten its methodology. Look for where it is not yet sufficient.

  • Perform one project interview, as described.

  • Get several people to perform one project interview each, and share the results. Find the common thread in your interview results.

  • Hold a one-hour reflection workshop within your project. As you encounter difficulty in this, reflect on which aspects of people are showing up; compare them to the list in Chapter 3. Look for antidotes, and extend the list. Post the reflection workshop flipchart, and notice how many people ever look at it.

  • See what it takes to hold a second reflection workshop. Learn how to get people to complain less and make more positive suggestions at these workshops.

Develop yourself into a Level 2 methodology designer. Yes, it is part of your profession.

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