A Quick Tour of the IDE

A Quick Tour of the IDE


  • Installation

  • The Start Page

  • Your First Project

  • The Menu Bar

  • The Many Toolbars

  • The Toolbox

  • The Visual Designers

  • The Text Editors

  • The Solution Explorer

  • The Properties Window

  • Managing the Many Windows of the IDE

When you're traveling on unfamiliar ground, it's often wise to consult a tour guide. At minimum, a quick check of the map is in order before you set out for new adventures. The same holds true for approaching a new development tool the size and breadth of Visual Studio 2005. It is wise to familiarize yourself a bit with the tool before starting that first project off on the wrong foot.

This chapter is meant to be your quick, to-the-point guide. It serves to orient you before you set out. We'll cover the basics of installation; booting up the IDE; and getting to know the layout of the tool in terms of projects, editors, and designers. Let's get started.

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