An Escalation of Distillations

An Escalation of Distillations

The various distillation techniques that make up the rest of this chapter can be applied in almost any order, but there is a range in how radically they modify the design.

A simple DOMAIN VISION STATEMENT communicates the basic concepts and their value with a minimum investment. The HIGHLIGHTED CORE can improve communication and help guide decision making—and still requires little or no modification to the design.

More aggressive refactoring and repackaging explicitly separate GENERIC SUBDOMAINS, which can then be dealt with individually. COHESIVE MECHANISMS can be encapsulated with versatile, communicative, and supple design. Removing these distractions disentangles the CORE.

Repackaging a SEGREGATED CORE makes the CORE directly visible, even in the code, and facilitates future work on the CORE model.

And most ambitious is the ABSTRACT CORE, which expresses the most fundamental concepts and relationships in a pure form (and requires extensive reorganizing and refactoring of the model).

Each of these techniques requires a successively greater commitment, but a knife gets sharper as its blade is ground finer. Successive distillation of a domain model produces an asset that gives the project speed, agility, and precision of execution.

To start, we can boil off the least distinctive aspects of the model. GENERIC SUBDOMAINS provide a contrast to the CORE DOMAIN that clarifies the meaning of each. . . .

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