C# and .NET Programming


  • C# was initially created specifically for use with the .NET platform but has been submitted to and been accepted by ECMA as a standardized programming language.

  • C# is designed to be simple, type-safe, object-oriented, high-performance, and Internet-centric.

  • C# applications consist of human-readable source code, written in a text editor. The source code is compiled into Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) which, at run time, is compiled into machine code.

  • You can use C# to develop console applications, Windows applications, web applications, and web services.

  • Classes are the core building blocks of C# and object-oriented programming because they allow you to create new types that model types in the "problem domain"that is, that model things in the area you are concerned with.

  • A method is a named block of code that performs an action and that may return a value.

  • A comment is a note for the programmer and does not affect the running of the application.

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