Configuring Profile Properties

Configuring Profile Properties

The Web Site Administration Tool can be used to configure the <profile/> section, as shown in Figure.

6. The Profile page of the Web Site Administration Tool


There are three main sections to Profile management. The first allows enabling or disabling of the Profile for known and anonymous users. The second allows configuration of the Profile properties or property groups, as shown in Figure.

7. Configuring Profile properties


Here you can see the list of existing properties, the group they belong to, and the data type. Editing an existing property or creating a new property allows you to change all attributes, such as setting the data type (including custom types) and default values and allowing the property to be available for anonymous users.

The third section of Profile management allows the removal of values from the Profile store, as shown in Figure.

8. Removing Profile property values


Here you have the opportunity to enter a date beyond which all property values are deemed to be stale, giving the ability to clean out the property store of redundant data.

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