In this chapter we explored the new health monitoring system based on Web events. We've shown how easy it is to record the myriad of built-in Web events to the event log, SQL Server, WMI, or even to an administrator's e-mail inbox by doing nothing more than updating your web.config file. With a little bit of coding you can add application-level instrumentation using custom Web events. This is so easy to do that there's really no excuse not to do itthe more instrumentation you make available, the easier it is to diagnose problems quickly and save money once you're in production.

We explored the improved ASP.NET tracing facility, and how you can program against it or wire it up to the System.Diagnostics trace engine. And last but certainly not least, we provided you with a glimpse into the future of realtime tracing on this platform: ETW.

Think about management earlier rather than later, and take just a little bit of time to add diagnostic support to your applications. It's a great way to make your life easier when it comes time to debug a live application, and as a side benefit, you may just turn a system administrator into a friend rather than a foe.

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