Enhancements to Existing Controls

Enhancements to Existing Controls

Throughout this book you've seen many examples of the great new features of ASP.NET 2.0, including all of the new server controls. In this chapter we are going to focus on the enhancements to the existing version 1.x server controls. Many of the existing controls have gained new properties that extend their capabilities, as well as bringing them into line with the new features and services in ASP.NET version 2.0. For example, the various button and link controls now support validation groups and site counters. The Table and DataGrid controls now automatically support the details view on small-screen and mobile devices. Meanwhile, many controls have been enhanced to provide better usability or accessibility features.

To make it easier to see what has changed with the existing controls, this chapter takes three different approaches. It looks at the different types of new features, listing the controls to which they apply, and then lists the individual controls with a summary of the changes to the interface of each one. Finally, this chapter looks in more detail at those controls that have changed significantly, so that you can see how the new features are used. So, in this chapter you'll find the following:

  • A summary of new features that have been added to the existing controls

  • A full list of the changes to the existing control interfaces

  • Examples of the ways the enhanced controls can be used

We start with a look at the new features introduced in version 2.0 and the controls to which they apply.

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