Extending Web Services


The extensibility of Web services through the .NET Framework and ASP.NET Web services contributes to the power and dynamic nature of Web services—and is yet another reason why Web services are so compelling. Key points of this chapter include the following:

  • SOAP extensions enable developers to modify the request or response streams of SOAP messages.

  • These extensions are applied to a particular operation with a custom SOAP extension attribute, or registered with the application (or machine) configuration file.

  • Description formatters can be created to add custom WSDL extensions, and then read to add these SOAP extension attributes.

  • HTTP modules and custom Web requests can also be used for lower level extensibility.

  • The Web Services Enhancements for Microsoft .NET (WSE) can en hance .NET Web services for various Web service protocols that extend beyond the baseline, such as WS-Attachments and WS-Security.

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