Hour10.Using Text Boxes to Collect Input


In this hour we looked at one of the most commonly used Web controls for collecting user input: the TextBox Web control. The TextBox Web control can be used to create three types of text boxes: a single-line text box, a multiline text box, or a password text box. To specify what kind of text box should be rendered by the TextBox Web control, you use the TextMode property.

In addition to the TextMode property, the TextBox Web control contains a number of other properties. The Columns property, for example, specifies how wide the text box is. The MaxLength property can be used to indicate the maximum number of characters a user is allowed to enter into a text box. Like the Label Web control, the TextBox Web control also contains a number of aesthetic properties, such as BackColor, ForeColor, Font, and so on.

In addition to the TextBox Web control, a number of other Web controls can be used to collect user input, which is our topic for the next hour.

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