Hour24.Uploading and Displaying Images and Leaving Comments

Hour 24. Uploading and Displaying Images and Leaving Comments

In this hour, we will cover

  • Uploading an image file from the user's computer to the web server's file system

  • Editing and deleting existing pictures from a photo album

  • Displaying all the pictures for a particular user's photo album

  • Displaying the comments associated with a particular picture

  • Allowing only authenticated users to add a comment to a picture

  • Defining the photo album application's site structure and displaying a breadcrumb through the master page

At this point the development phase of our online photo album application is progressing nicely. In the preceding hour we implemented the user account-related pages, the site's home page, and began work on the photo album administration pages, allowing users to add, edit, and delete categories specific to their album.

We still have a good deal of work ahead of us for this final hour. We need to first complete the photo administration piece, allowing users to upload new pictures and manage their existing ones from the PhotoAdmin/Default.aspx page. Following that, we need to implement the PhotoAlbum.aspx and PhotoDetail.aspx pages. PhotoAlbum.aspx lists all of the pictures in a particular user's photo album, and PhotoDetail.aspx displays a particular picture and its comments.

By the end of this hour, we'll have the online photo album application complete. Of course, more features can always be added, and this hour concludes with a look at potential enhancements for the photo album application that you are invited to implement on your own.

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