Inside Methods


  • Overloading is the act of creating two or more methods with the same name, but that differ in the number and/or type of parameters.

  • Properties appear to clients to be members, but appear to the designer of the class to be methods. This allows the designer to modify how the property retrieves its value without breaking the semantics of the client program.

  • Properties include get and set accessors that are used to retrieve and modify a member field, respectively. The set accessor has an implicit parameter named value that represents the value to be assigned through the property.

  • When you "pass by reference," the called method affects the object referred to in the calling method. When you pass by value, the changes in the called method are not reflected in the calling method. You can pass value types by reference by using either the ref or the out keyword.

  • The out parameter eliminates the requirement to initialize a variable before passing it to a method.

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