Moving Further with Domain-Driven Design

Moving Further with Domain-Driven Design

Some of you might be really eager by now and might be saying something like "Come on, let's see the tools and tricks that will show us how to implement a Domain Model and its surroundings."

Sorry, but that's not how to proceed. On the contrary, I want to create the Domain Model without thinking about the tools and infrastructure. That means good old OO that I used to laugh about for real-world applications. As you know by now, I have since then changed my mind. It's pretty much a matter of design.

So far the book has been pretty general and abstract with only sketches of models. It's time to change that now. From here on I will talk about how the problems could be solved in reality.

In this chapter, we will discuss how to develop and refine the Domain Model that was sketched in the previous chapter. We will move slowly by applying TDD when we let the model evolve. Please be prepared that the discussion will be a bit "moving around" and the progress a bit slow. (We will change this way of discussing the development by the next chapter.)

Let's get started with the theme for this chapter; refining the Domain Model.

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