This hour showed us how to use classes in the .NET Framework, but is it possible to create our own classes?


With object-oriented programming languages like Visual Basic, you can create your own classes. However, this is far beyond the scope of this book. Although we'll be using a number of the .NET Framework classes throughout the course of this book, we'll not ever need to create our own classes.


Will we be examining how to send email messages from an ASP.NET page in this book?


No, I'm afraid we won't have the time to dissect sending an email message from an ASP.NET page. However, a plethora of online articles show how to accomplish this common task.

The two classes used in ASP.NET 2.0 for sending email messages are the MailMessage and SmtpClient classes. In the previous version of ASP.NET, the classes used were MailMessage and SmtpMail. If you search online for information on sending an email message from an ASP.NET 2.0 page, be sure to use the SmtpClient class in lieu of the deprecated SmtpMail class.

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