The Page and Control Life Cycle

The Page and Control Life Cycle

There are several new events for an ASP.NET page.

  • LoadComplete occurs when the page has finished handling postback data.

  • PreInit occurs before the Init event for controls on the page.

  • PreLoad occurs before the PreLoad event for controls on the page.

  • PreRenderComplete occurs after the PreRender event for all controls on the page.

The life cycle of events is shown in Figure. This table covers both public and private events so that the interaction between page and control events can be seen. Page corresponds to a page event, and Ctl corresponds to a control event. New events are shown in bold. The phase and subphase items are logical and do not exist as physical events or phases—they are purely to show the stage in the life cycle. The Adapter Handling column indicates which phases involve the device adapter. (Device adapters are covered in Chapter 10.)

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