Type Summary

Type Summary

public abstract class MethodBase : MemberInfo


    // Constructors

       protected MethodBase();

    // Properties

       public abstract MethodAttributes Attributes { get; }

    MS public virtual CallingConventions CallingConvention { get; }

    MS public bool IsAbstract { get; }

    MS public bool IsAssembly { get; }

    MS public bool IsConstructor { get; }

    MS public bool IsFamily { get; }

    MS public bool IsFamilyAndAssembly { get; }

    MS public bool IsFamilyOrAssembly { get; }

    MS public bool IsFinal { get; }

    MS public bool IsHideBySig { get; }

    MS public bool IsPrivate { get; }

    MS public bool IsPublic { get; }

    MS public bool IsSpecialName { get; }

    MS public bool IsStatic { get; }

    MS public bool IsVirtual { get; }

    MS public abstract RuntimeMethodHandle MethodHandle { get; }

    // Methods

 MS CF public static MethodBase GetCurrentMethod();

       public static MethodBase GetMethodFromHandle(

                                 RuntimeMethodHandle handle);

 MS CF public abstract MethodImplAttributes GetMethodImplementationFlags();

       public abstract ParameterInfo[] GetParameters();

       public abstract object Invoke(object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr,

                              Binder binder, object[] parameters,

                              CultureInfo culture);

       public object Invoke(object obj, object[] parameters);


JP The IsXXXX family of APIs, while seemingly simple, can be the second most confusing APIs in the Reflection namespace after BindingFlags. To gain a better understanding of the more obscure IsXXXX APIs, it's generally a good idea to refer to definitions of the type and member attributes in the ECMA Partition II Metadata spec. It would be nice to add more APIs that execute the more common predicates.

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