Working with Visual Studio's Productivity Aids


Visual Studio 2005 carries a staggering number of features designed to boost your productivity. This chapter described the many facets of the IntelliSense technology, ranging from statement completion to the new code snippet technology, and you learned how to work with the various IntelliSense features both to write code faster and improve the quality of your code.

We covered how to navigate and browse through sometimes complicated and congested code files.

We also introduced code snippets and discussed the different types of code snippets and their usefulness.

Last, we covered how to use the Task List window to its fullest potential, to help organize and track the various to-do items inherent with any programming project.

From a productivity standpoint, Visual Studio 2005 truly is more than the sum of its parts: In synergy with one another, each of these features knocks down substantial hurdles and pain points for developers, regardless of their background, skill level, or language preference.

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