Alter the Size of Objects in Your Maps

Alter the Size of Objects in Your Maps

Hack Halo 2 object models with the mode plug-in.

With a plug-in for [mode] Model, it is a simple matter to alter the size of Halo 2 models. In this example, you will add giant Needlers to a test map [Hack #54].

After you have added the latest mode plug-in to your ADI [Hack #50] Plugins folder, browse through the tags until you find objects\weapons\pistol\needler\needler. Next, click on the Tag Editor tab (see Figure).

The properties of the Needler model

Once you have the tag open in the Tag Editor, alter the Bounding X (high), Bounding Y (high), and Bounding Z (high) values by adding a value of 1 to each textbox entry. This will add significant size to each of the three axes (see Figure).

Altering the bounding box of the Needler

Sign your map [Hack #53] and FTP it to your Xbox [Hack #54]. Have fun playing with your giant Needlers (see Figure).

The giant Needler

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