Change Halo 2's Machinery

Change Halo 2's Machinery

Use the mach plug-in to alter the speed of the Zanzibar wheel.

This hack uses the [mach] Machine tag plug-in for ADI [Hack #50]. The mach tags store metadata about various machines in Halo 2 levels. Using this plug-in, you will alter the speed of the Zanzibar wheel so that it is 10 times faster than normal.

Open the [mach] Machine tags in ADI and click on scenarios\objects\multi\zanzibar\big_wheel\big_wheel. Next, select the tag editor and change the value from 0.0333333 to 0.3333333 (see Figure).

Hacking the speed of the Zanzibar wheel

After you have made this change, sign the map [Hack #53] and FTP it to your Xbox [Hack #54].

When you load the map, you'll notice an obvious change to the Zanzibar wheel (see Figure). In fact, you'll be able to use the faster wheel to launch vehicles into the air.

The faster wheel is too quick for the normal animation

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