Extend Your Landing Points

Extend Your Landing Points

Add distance to your jumps by "saving" from the sink of your landing point.

You can use this wily technique to extend your landing point. The save is similar to the late jump. However, rather than using the take-off sink, the save is a jump from the sink point of the landing. By using this extra little jump, you can gain enough distance to land on the actual ledge.

Jumping off the landing sink is just like using the sink on your takeoff. When you hit the wall, you'll have a brief window during which you can essentially jump out of midair. After jumping from the sinking point, keep holding forward. You should gain enough forward momentum to carry you onto the actual landing. To illustrate how much air you can get off the save jump, Figures 1-15 and 1-16 show a player jumping backwards off the sink on Lockout.

Jumping off the sink

After the backwards save

Sometimes the jump can be so long that one save is simply not enough. These types of jumps require what's known as multi-saving. This involves saving more than once, since the first save may not provide enough forward momentum. Some jumps may require as many as three saves. Each of these saves gives the jumper just a little bit more forward momentum.

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