Get Out of Burial Mounds

Get Out of Burial Mounds

Go above the map and snipe your friends.

Burial Mounds is one of the most interesting maps for multiplayer sword–flying. However, Bungie has fixed the multiplayer sword glitch through an update that was sent automatically over Xbox Live. Unless you have an Xbox that has not connected to Xbox Live, you won't be able to use the multiplayer sword-flying trick without first deleting the update.

Even if you can't use the sword-flying glitch, you will be able to get on top of the cliff opposite the base side of the level. Sniping from this cliff can be fun. To do this, you just need to grab a Ghost and ride your way up the side of the map (see Figure).

Using a Ghost to get above the map

Once you are at the top, jump out of the Ghost and you'll be able to walk along the side of the map (see Figure)

Jump out of the Ghost when you get to the top

This same trick can be used near the Blue flag. Again, use a Ghost to drive up the side of the cliff and then jump out. This one is a little bit trickier because you will have to start on the left (to get the Ghost to climb) and then make your way to the right (see Figure).

Now that you're on top of the map, you can snipe to your heart's content (see Figure)

Start close to this camera and then boost to the right

On top of the other side

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