Locate Secret Messages in Multiplayer Maps

Locate Secret Messages in Multiplayer Maps

Bungie leaves cryptic messages throughout the Halo 2 levels.

Although some have suggested that all Halo 2 multiplayer levels contain secret messages from Bungie, Halo 2 fans have only found a couple.

One of the messages is located near the Beaver Creek Sniper Rifle. To find the message, make your way to the Blue base and up the ramp to the rifle. Next to the Sniper Rifle cave there is a small ledge that snipers often use. On this ledge, there is a pile of rocks that you can knock down to the creek. If you move the largest of the rocks, you will be able to make out a message written on the rock wall. You can see it much more clearly if you back away from the wall and look at it from the right angle. The message reads, "WHY AM I HERE? -Not Sid" (see Figure).

The other confirmed sighting of the Sid messages is on the Coagulation map. Start off at the Red base and make your way to the cave that houses the Invisibility and Active Camouflage powerups. From the Red base, this cave is on the right side of the map—behind the teleporter exit (see Figure).

Not Sid wondering what he's doing

Looking at the cave entrance

After you enter the cave, there are two ways to go: through an opening on the left that looks down on a pool of water, or along a path that leads down to the water's edge. When you come to this fork, stay to the left and go right up to the edge without jumping down into the water. Look down at the Invisibility pyramid and then turn 90 degrees to your left. Right next to you, on the cave wall, you will see the message "Not SID WAS HERE" (see Figure).

In case you are wondering about the meaning of Not Sid, he is one of the multiplayer map designers at Bungie. However, no one seems to know exactly which designer.

Not Sid expressing himself

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