Push Your Friends Around

Push Your Friends Around

Knock around other players by adding force to your weapons.

This hack alters a weapon so that it will push things around the map. You can use the push behavior to move an enemy or other objects.

Pick the weapon you want to edit. In this example, you will alter the force of the Shotgun bullet. In Ch2r [Hack #51], open the tag view and browse to the [jpt!]Damage Effect tags. Next, locate the tag objects\weapons\shotgun\damage_effects\shotgun_bullet.jpt! (see Figure).

Finding the damage effect tag for the Shotgun

Once you have found the tag, double-click it to open the Edit Meta window. Change the Force value from 0.1 to 10.1 (see Figure).

Altering the force of the Shotgun bullet

Remember to sign your map [Hack #53] before you FTP it to your Xbox [Hack #54].

After you have loaded the map, you will be able to blast the other players around the map with your new boomstick (see Figure).

The force of the new Shotgun

Unfortunately, this mod will only work in split screen games. If you play a system link game, only the players on your box will be affected by the mod.

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