Teach a Scorpion to Fly

Teach a Scorpion to Fly

Use the tank spinning glitch to toss around a Scorpion Main Battle Tank.

The tank spinning method requires two Scorpion tanks. Drive the Scorpion Tank up a slope. In this example, I use a hill in the light area by the Blue base within the Coagulation level. It may not be the easiest spot to flip a tank, but the light makes it easier to see what's happening.

When you drive the tank up the slant, make sure to drive it straight up, flipping the tank on its back. Then drive the other Scorpion tank on top of the flipped one, as shown in Figure.

With the driver of the top tank still sitting in the vehicle, have another player walk up to the bottom Scorpion and press X to flip the tank. Once you have pressed X, the bottom tank will flip over and send the top tank soaring into the air, as shown in Figure.

It is also possible to launch a Scorpion by driving it on top of a Wraith and then having the Wraith boost its engines. However, this technique is much harder to reproduce than the dual-Scorpion method.

The setup for the two Scorpion technique

Try not to be under it when it lands

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