The Easy Way to the Beaver Creek Launcher

The Easy Way to the Beaver Creek Launcher

Get the SPANKr the sneaky way.

This is one of those rare tricks that could actually help you in an Xbox Live game. Using these two techniques, you can grab the Beaver Creek Rocket Launcher (RL) without making the dangerous run up the stone ramp.

Both techniques involve throwing a precisely aimed grenade such that the explosion blows the RL to a convenient location. The first method is an easier throw. Stand on the ramp (see Figure) that leads to the lower area of the Blue base (from the creek side) and aim according to Figure.

Setup for the ramp throw

This grenade will bounce off the cliff and land next to the RL. Once the grenade explodes, it will blow the RL into the air. The RL will land right in front of you and you can easily run out to collect it (see Figure).

Aiming for the ramp throw

The falling RL

The other method requires a more difficult toss. Using this technique, you can stay inside the Blue base while you throw your grenade.

Stand on the ledge next to the Battle Rifle and look out the window above your head (see the roof window through which you can see rock in Figure). You are going to aim near the brightest star in the sky (see Figure). This will give you the magic bounce.

Once you have thrown the grenade, go up the ramp toward the main base exit (on ground level). The RL lands against the base and will almost be hidden—right next to the door. If you have not received the Version 1.1 autoupdate, you will be able to grab the RL through the wall (see Figure).

However, people who play on Xbox Live will have the update that prohibits retrieving weapons through walls. These people will have to run outside to get the launcher as it rests against the doorway (see Figure).

These two techniques could give you a significant advantage on the Beaver Creek map.

Spot to stand

Aiming for the inside throw

Getting the RL through the wall

Outside view of the launcher

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