Adding RealVideo Files

Adding RealVideo Files

RealVideo is a streaming technology developed by Real Networks for transmitting live video over the Internet. Adding Real to your Web page is a little different from adding any other type of plug-in. Real controllers for displaying files can be customized to create unique consoles for the viewer.

Follow these steps to use Real files in GoLive:

  1. Drag the Real object from the Basic section of the Objects palette to your page.

  2. Select the Basic tab of the Plug-in Inspector palette and click the Browse button to locate a RealVideo file.

  3. Select the More tab for these options:

    • Page: The Page text field in the More tab can be set up with an assigned Web page that gives a destination link for installation instructions.

    • Code: The Code check box is used to assign a destination link for any necessary code base. This control, like many others in the plug-ins, should be used only if you’re familiar with the plug-in applications and what code base is needed.

    • VSpace and HSpace: Creates vertical and horizontal spacing around the Real file.

    • Is Hidden: Select the Is Hidden check box if this video is not to show up until triggered by an action or other script.

  4. Select the Real tab in the Inspector palette, as shown in Figure.

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    Figure: Customize the viewer controls in the Real  tab of the Inspector palette.

Customize the Real file by selecting from these options:

  • Autostart: When selected, the RealVideo clip starts as soon as the page loads.

  • No Labels: Select the No Labels check box to suppress the display of information such as title, author, and copyright.

  • Controls: Select the controls for the RealVideo clip. You can define the console to group controls together.

    You can assign only one control to each Real object. In other words, to set up Play and Stop controls, you need two Real objects. By using consoles, you can create unique sets of buttons arranged in a table. If Default is selected, the display will contain Play, Pause, Stop, Forward, and Rewind buttons, and Position and Volume controls.

  • Plug-in: View the Real file in GoLive by clicking the Plug-in button.

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