Converting Other Electronic Documents to PDF

Converting Other Electronic Documents to PDF

While Adobe has made it quite easy to create PDF files from other Adobe Creative Suite applications and Microsoft Office programs, the company has not ignored your needs to make PDF files from other documents. When you installed the Adobe Creative Suite on your computer, you also installed a new printer. This printer, called the Adobe PDF printer, can be used to convert all file types to Adobe PDF documents. This printer captures all the same information that is normally sent to your printer and, instead of creating a piece of paper, the information is converted into an Adobe PDF file.

To create a PDF file from any program, choose File®Print. In the Print dialog box, select Adobe PDF as the printer, as shown in Figure, and click OK (Windows) or Print (Mac).

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Figure: You can print to the Adobe PDF printer to create PDF files from any docu- ment that can be printed.

To change the type of PDF file that is created, such as a smaller file for Internet Web posting, or a higher quality file for delivery to a commercial printer, do this:

  • Windows: Click the Properties button in the Print dialog box to open the Adobe PDF Document Properties dialog box, shown in Figure. Here you can choose the PDF Settings you want to use to control the quality and size of the resulting PDF file.

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    Figure: You can change conversion settings when printing to the Adobe PDF printer.

  • Mac OS: Choose PDF Options from the Copies and Pages menu and then choose the PDF Settings to use.

We discuss the settings earlier in this chapter, in the “PDF conversion options” section.

While this process of navigating through the Print menu may appear strange, it is probably the easiest way for Adobe to capture all of the same information that you would expect to see when you print your files. And with so many possible programs that you could be using, this provides an easy and standard method for generating files from any programs. In fact, you can even use this method for creating PDF files from Microsoft Office programs or other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite if you want.

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