Create Morphed Geometry

Create Morphed Geometry

Altering an object to resemble another object is called Morphing. The process requires a Source Object and at least one Target Object. Morphing can alter the shape of a character’s expression in an animation, or magically transform one object into another. Morphing in 3ds max is a blast. Here’s how:

  1. Create a sphere in a scene.

  2. Press Shift and then click and drag to move the sphere to bring up the Cloning Panel, choose Copy, input 3 to create three duplicates, and close the Panel.

  3. Move the three duplicated spheres off to the side.

  4. Select one of the cloned spheres and apply a Taper Modifier to it.

    Use the following parameters: Amount 1.3, Curve 10, Taper Axis Z/XY/Symmetry, Limits 0.0.

  5. Select a second cloned sphere and apply a Stretch Modifier to it (set the Modifier to 1.5 on the Z-axis).

  6. Select the third cloned sphere and double its vertical scale. Apply a Ripple Modifier to it with the following parameters:

    • Amplitude 1 to 20

    • Amplitude 2 to 15

    • Wavelength 0.1

    • Phase and Decay 0

    The three cloned objects become Morph Targets.

  7. Select the original object (Source).

  8. Choose Modifiers>Morpher, and look in the Modify Command Panel for the Channel List rollout.

  9. Right-click the first empty button, choose Pick From Scene from the list that appears, and click the first cloned sphere in any viewport.

  10. Right-click the second empty button, choose Pick From Scene from the list that appears, and click the second cloned sphere in any viewport.

  11. Right-click the third empty button, choose Pick From Scene from the list that appears, and click the third cloned sphere in any viewport.

  12. Select all three cloned spheres, choose the Display Command Panel, and then (on the Hide rollout) click Hide Selected.

    The cloned spheres are now configured as Morph Targets for the source sphere, so it’s okay that they disappear at this point.

  13. Select the source sphere in any viewport.

    In the Modify Command Panel, the first three slots in the Channel List are dedicated to the Target Morphs for the source sphere. Altering the values by clicking and dragging on the spinners next to each Target Morph will apply that target to the source sphere. You can mix and match the three Target Morphs to create interesting alterations to the source sphere’s form.

 Tip  If you like, you can keyframe-animate this process. You can even choose Edit>Snapshot to create any number of separate objects.

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