Getting Layers

Getting Layers

Your parents probably never explained where layers come from — unless, of course, you grew up on an egg ranch. Here’s the real story.

You always have at least one layer: the background layer. That’s the layer where nearly everything happens until you add more layers. If you download a digital photo from your camera, for instance, the image is on the background layer. If you happily paint away, ignorant of all knowledge of layers, all your painting is on the background layer.

You can get images with additional layers in a variety of ways:

  • Make a new, blank layer by using the various New commands on the Layers menu (on the menu bar) or by using the Layer palette.

  • Turn a selection into a layer (promote it, in Paint Shop Pro terms).

  • Incidentally, make a new vector layer by drawing lines or shapes or by adding text.

  • Make a new raster layer by using a tool, like the Deformation tool, that requires a layer to work on, and Paint Shop Pro creates one automatically for you.

  • Paste an image from the Windows Clipboard by choosing Edit→Paste→ As New Layer.

  • Open an image file that already has multiple layers, such as many Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop files have.

  • Add a picture frame with the Image→Picture Frame command.

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