Getting the Red Out

Getting the Red Out

Suffering from a little too much red-eye? Photo flashes tend to make the normally black pupil of the eye glow red. Here’s the fast fix for getting the red out. It works in nine out of ten cases — where only the pupil is red and the iris is unaffected; for tougher cases or more finicky retouching, refer to Chapter 7. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose AdjustRed-eye Removal.

    The Red-eye Removal dialog box appears.

  2. In the right preview window, drag the image to center the eye.

  3. Click the Zoom In icon (the magnifier with the + sign) repeatedly until the eye fills the preview windows.

    Repeat Step 2 as needed to keep the eye centered.

  4. Set Iris Size to zero.

    This setting should be zero unless the red covers any of the iris (the colored part of the eye). If the red does affect the iris, refer to Chapter 8 for help.

  5. In the left window, click the red area.

    A circle appears in a square frame in the left window. The circle should be centered on the pupil and cover it to some degree. (If not, refer to Chapter 7.) In the right window, the red area is partly or entirely obliterated. (If that isn’t true at first, drag the Refine slider a bit to the left.)

  6. Drag the Refine slider left until a bit of red reappears and then to the right just until that red is gone.

  7. Click OK.

Repeat these steps for the other eye.

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