Locking Objects

Locking Objects

Locking items is handy when you’re building an illustration. Not only does the Lock command lock down objects that you don’t want to make changes to, but it also drives anyone who tries to edit your files crazy! In fact, we mention locking mainly to help preserve your sanity. There will be many times you need to make simple adjustments to another designer’s artwork and you just can’t, unless the objects are first unlocked. You can lock and unlock objects as follows:

  • Lock an object: Choose Object®Lock or press Ctrl+2 (Windows) or z+2 (Mac) to lock an object so that you can’t select it, move it, or change its attributes.

  • Unlock an object: Choose Object®Unlock All or press Ctrl+Alt+2 (Windows) or z+Option+2 (Mac). Then you can make changes to it.

You can also lock and hide objects with layers. See Chapter 7 in this minibook for more information about using layers.

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