Not Giving the Service Bureau Every File

Not Giving the Service Bureau Every File

If you’ve never worked with a service bureau — the place where you take or send your QuarkXPress print projects to be output to an image-setting device — you may think that the people who work there are downright snoopy. They poke and prod, ask millions of questions, and want to know every little thing about your project. They give you the third degree, asking about every file for every graphic on every single page.

These people are not out to pick on you; they truly do need to know about all the fonts and files necessary to output your project.

Why? Because they just do, that’s why. Seriously, the equipment that a service bureau uses needs to have everything that you used to create your print project. If you have layouts that include an EPS file that contains text, for example, the service bureau needs to have the font that is used in the text. If that font is not available, the EPS file prints incorrectly, and the job has to be output again.


The Collect for Output feature in QuarkXPress can help. This feature copies all the text, fonts, color profiles, and picture files that are necessary to output your print project. It also generates a report with useful information, including fonts, dimensions, and trapping information used in the project. To use this feature, choose FileCollect for Output (see Figure).

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Figure: The Collect for Output dialog box

The Collect for Output feature can’t replace your brain. You still need to think about your project. You are the person who is responsible for making sure that your service bureau has everything that it needs to output your project the right way, the first time. Make sure that all the pieces are there before you waste hundreds of dollars outputting a series of incorrect layouts.

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