" Paint Shop Pro Keeps Asking Me Confusing Questions! "

“Paint Shop Pro Keeps Asking Me Confusing Questions!”

Many tools have requirements that have to be met before you can use them; for example, you can’t use any of the tools from the Retouch toolset on an image that has fewer than 16 million colors, and the Text, Shape, and Pen tools all require the creation of a new vector layer.

Thankfully, Paint Shop Pro is smart enough to automatically take these actions whenever you use the appropriate tool; for example, try to dodge or burn on an image containing fewer than 16 million colors and Paint Shop Pro automatically increases the number of colors for you.

At the time we wrote this book, Paint Shop Pro defaulted to asking you for confirmation on all these minor changes — which is annoying because not only do these questions sound terrifyingly complex, but you also can’t do what you want until you click OK anyway. It’s sort of like asking, “You can’t leave the house until the door is open; is it okay if I open it for you?” If you want to go for a Sunday drive — or any drive — chances are that you’re going to say yes.

You can stop all these confusing questions by choosing File→Preferences→ General Program Preferences and clicking the Auto Action tab. Then click the Always All button and click OK; Paint Shop Pro always takes these actions by default. (If it turns out that you really didn’t want that door open, pressing Ctrl+Z undoes your last action, complete with any changes that Paint Shop Pro made to accomplish it.)

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