Resolving Link Errors

Resolving Link Errors

GoLive manages the source code and links to all of your files. If you change the name in the Site window, you get a dialog box allowing you to confirm the change and update the source code, as shown in Figure. If you change a linked file’s name in your directory system, you essentially break the link, and a bug (yuck!) appears to the right of the HTML file in your Site window because GoLive was not able to track the change. If you aren’t sure which files are being used in your site, scroll past the Date Modified column in your Site window to show the Used column. A dot indicates whether the file has been used or not. To reorganize your files without breaking links, click the Files tab of the Site window and click the New Folder button on the Site toolbar; an untitled folder appears in the Files section of your Site window. Rename the folder and drag files to folders — without breaking links because GoLive keeps track of them for you!

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Figure: Change filenames in the GoLive Site window to avoid broken  links.

So that’s the lowdown for preventing broken links. Here are several methods to exterminate bugs in the case of broken links:

  • Open a page with bugs and click the Show Link Warnings button on the toolbar. This highlights errors on your page. It could be that you have an empty space that is still linked to an outdated image or file. You will also get errors if you forget to replace (EmptyReference!) in the Inspector palette with a valid link.

  • From the Site window palette menu, choose Errors to see a list of all errors. Open the Missing Files folder and select each error. Then use  the Inspector palette’s Browse button or the Fetch URL button to link to the file in your system or to another file.

    If you’re not sure which file has the listed error, select the error and choose Window®Open In and Out Links palette. This will show you links to and from the selected file.

  • Orphans are created when you select files that aren’t in your Web- content folder to be linked in your Web site. To eliminate orphans, simply choose Errors from the Site Window palette menu and then  open the Orphan Files folder. Select all orphans and drag them to an appropriate location on the left side (your site) to copy them to your Web-content folder, as shown in Figure.

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Figure: Moving orphans to your Web-content folder to fix  broken  links.

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