Selecting Images

Selecting Images

After you import an image into your document, you can select images in several different ways using the Selection or Direct Selection tools. This is useful when you want to select and edit just the graphic frame, or just the image inside of it.

To select and then edit an image on the page, follow these steps:

  1. Place an image on a page by importing it or pasting it into InDesign.

    The image is placed within a graphic frame, similar to what you see on top in Figure.

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    Figure: The original image in a graphic frame (top); inside a text frame and resized (middle); resized and moved (bottom).

  2. Using the Selection tool, drag one of the corner handles on the graphic frame.

    The graphic frame is resized, but not the image. This means that the image appears to be cropped because you resized the graphic frame — but the image remains the same size within the frame, as shown in the middle of Figure.

  3. Choose Edit®Undo or press Ctrl+Z (Windows) or z+Z (Mac) to undo the changes to the image.

    The image returns to its original appearance on the page.

  4. Using the Direct Selection tool, drag one of the corner handles.

    The image inside the graphic frame resizes, but the graphic frame remains the same size.

  5. Click within the image and drag to move the image within the graphic frame bounding box.

    A hand appears when you move the cursor over the graphic; when you move the image just past the edge of the graphic frame boundaries, that part of the image is not visible anymore, as shown on the bottom of Figure.

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