Setting Color Space Conversions

Setting Color Space Conversions

Another part of Photoshop’s color management system is to set how images embedded with a color profile are handled when they don’t match your color settings. This comes up when you open an image that uses color settings different from yours.

To set your color management policy, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Edit (Photoshop on the Mac)>Color Settings.

  2. Use the CMYK, RGB, and Gray drop-down lists in the Color Management Policies area to set how images should be handled.

    As shown in Figure, you have three options to choose from for each:

    • Off: Turns color management off when an image is imported or opened.

    • Preserve Embedded Profiles: Uses the color setting saved with the image. It does not convert the image to current Photoshop settings. (Photoshop can have any number of images with different color settings open at the same time.)

    • Convert to Working RGB: Converts the image to the current color settings.

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      Figure: Set how imported or opened images are handled in the Color Management Policies area.

  3. Select the Profile Mismatches: Ask When Opening and Missing Profiles: Ask When Opening check boxes.

    Each of these options sets Photoshop to ask how to proceed with color conversion when an image that doesn’t match your color settings is opened or imported.

  4. Click OK to close the dialog box and save your color management policy settings.

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