" The Magic Wand Tool Doesn't Select Well "

“The Magic Wand Tool Doesn’t Select Well”

The Magic Wand tool, which selects an area based on color (or other pixel qualities), is sometimes not so magic. What looks like a perfectly uniform color to you — one that the wand should be able to select cleanly without gaps or overlaps into unwanted areas — is apparently not so uniform. You may find that when you increase the Tolerance setting, you close the gaps but get more unwanted areas. Here are a couple of things to try besides fiddling with the tolerance:

  • Try different match modes on the Tool Options palette, choosing RGB Value, Hue, or Brightness from the menu.

  • Don’t fuss any more with the Magic Wand tool. Use it to do the basic selection job and then use other selection tools to add or subtract from the selected area. For example, switch to the Freehand tool, set it to

  • Freehand on the Selection Type menu on the Tool Options palette, and with the Shift key depressed, drag a circle around any gaps in the selection. Likewise, hold down the Ctrl key and drag a circle around any unwanted areas.

  • Choose Selections→Modify to fill in gaps, expand or contract your selection, or exclude specific colors. Refer to Chapter 12 for details.

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