" The Paint Doesn't Come Out Right "

“The Paint Doesn’t Come Out Right”

Paint Shop Pro 8 adds a new Materials box, which can make life complicated if you’re not sure what’s going on. The usual result is that you end up applying paint that isn’t what you had in mind. The best solution is to get a good grip on the Material boxes’ features, so turn to Chapter 3. In addition, settings on the Tool Options palette can make paint come out in unwanted ways; check Chapter 4 for help with that topic. Here are a few specific things to check:

  • If the paint is too light and kind of dappled, you may be applying a texture unintentionally. To paint without a texture, see whether the Texture button (the one in the middle) directly underneath either of the Material boxes is indented. If one of them is, click them to reset them to No Texture.

  • If the color you’re applying doesn’t match the color in either of the Foreground or Background Material boxes, you’re applying a gradient or pattern, not plain paint. Click the Style button (the one on the left) directly underneath the Material boxes, and drag it up to the solid circle to resume using plain paint.

  • If paint is too thin or too thick, adjust the opacity on the Tool Options palette; higher opacity makes a thicker paint.

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