Thoughts to Keep in Mind

Thoughts to Keep in Mind

Many a site has been ruined by users opening a page from the server and working on live pages. It’s tough to resist when making small changes, but if the changes involve links to images and other local URLs, you will surely reek havoc on your site. Save yourself the aggravation — if you’re not sure that you’re working on the latest page, drag it from the server to the appropriate folder in the File tab of the Site window.


GoLive won’t let you copy over the page that has been designated as your home page (the index.html page, for example). To copy over your original home page, choose another .html file in the Files tab of the Site window. Select the Home Page check box on the Pages tab of the File Inspector palette. This turns off the Home Page option for your index page. Now you can copy over the index.html page. Just make sure to designate the page as being your home page again when you’re finished editing the file and you’re ready to replace the file on the publish sever.

GoLive displays an error message, shown in Figure, when you have not entered the settings correctly in the Site Settings dialog box. If this error message appears, make sure that your settings are accurate. Also, check with your ISP to see if an exact directory path is necessary or if Passive mode should be changed.

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Figure: Your settings aren’t accurate.

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