Using the Navigator Palette

Using the Navigator Palette

The Navigator palette, shown in Figure, is one of the palettes I use all the time. With this palette you can zoom in and out and quickly move around the image window to see hidden areas. If you don’t see this palette on-screen (by default it is docked with the Info palette), choose Window>Navigator.

Figure: The Navigator palette is your key to quick zooming.

You can zoom in and out using the Navigator palette in four different ways:

  • Type a magnification percentage in the Magnification box (in the lower-left corner), and then press Enter/Return.

  • Click the Zoom In button to increase the magnification, viewing more and more pixel detail every time you click the button.

  • Drag the Zoom slider to change the magnification. If you drag to the left, the image zooms out; if you drag to the right, the image zooms in.

  • Click the Zoom Out button to decrease the magnification and view more of the image.

Just so you know, here are a few more tidbits about the Navigator palette that can help you edit images:

  • You can drag the View box inside the image thumbnail in order to view another part of the image in the image window.

  • By default, the View box is cyan (Windows) or red (Mac). You can change the color of the View box (this is particuarly helpful if the image is light, making the View box hard to see). To change the color of the View box, choose Palette Options from the Navigator palette menu. Use the Color drop-down list in the Palette Options dialog box to select a color. (You can also select a color by clicking the color you want to use in the image window.)

  • Hold down the Ctrl/z key and drag a new View box in the image thumbnail of the Navigator palette. This is a quick way to change the magnification and move to a different area of the image.

  • If you have screen real estate available, you can drag the Size box to make the Navigator palette bigger. As the palette gets larger, the image thumb- nail also gets bigger. This makes navigating much easier.

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