Validating a Layer Comp

Validating a Layer Comp

Layer comps are snapshots of all the layers and their attributes. If one layer (or more) is merged into another layer, deleted, or converted into a Background layer, a tiny warning icon appears in the Layer Comps palette next to the layer comps that are affected, as shown in Figure.

Figure: The tiny warning icon tells you that a layer comp is out of date.

You can do a few things in this situation:

  • Ignore the warning icon altogether. If you do this, you might lose some layers that are important to you.

  • Use the History palette to activate a history state before any layer deletion, merging, or conversion. (For more about the History palette, turn to Technique 25.)

  • Right-click/Control+click the warning icon to view a menu that lets you choose Clear Layer Comp Warning or Clear All Layer Comp Warnings.

  • Click the Update button at the bottom of the Layer Comps palette to make the layer comp current.

  • Delete the layer comp with the problem.

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