Change the Font

Change the Font

Change the display font on your Series 60 smartphone!

Mobile phone gurus at the Zedge Forum ( collected a set of Symbian programs that enable you to change the display font on Nokia 6600 and 7610 devices. Here's how the process works:

  1. Download the zip package of Symbian programs from and unzip it into a folder.

  2. Install and run the FontRemover.sis application on your device. You will be asked to remove the existing font and then reboot your device. Do not reboot at this moment.

  3. Install and run one of the font programs on your device. You can have only one font at a time on any device! Make sure you install it in the phone's main memorynot in the MultiMediaCard (MMC) card. The tahoma.sis, modern.sis, and mssans.sis programs install the Tahoma, Modern, and MS Sans fonts, respectively.

  4. Reboot the phone and enjoy the new fonts!

This technique is known to work on Nokia 6600 firmware v3, v4, and v5. It is not widely tested on other Series 60 firmware. Use it at your own risk! If you have a problem, you might have to do a hard reset of your phone to return it to the factory settings [Hack #23].

This hack not only changes the fonts on the idle screen, but it also changes all the menu and label fonts throughout the device. Figure shows the Modern and Tahoma fonts installed on a Nokia 6600 smartphone.

Alternative fonts on a Nokia Series 60 smartphone

It is important to note that this hack has not been tested on all Nokia Series 60 smartphone firmware versions. So, use it at your own risk! According to a forum posting from slurpy69 at Zedge, dated January 23, 2005, the following phone models and firmware versions are known to work with this hack:

  • Nokia 6600 v3.42.1, v4.09.1, and v5.27.0

  • Nokia 6630 v2.39

  • Nokia 7610 v4.0437.4

  • Nokia N-Gage v4.03 Nem-4

This hack does not work on Nokia 7610 firmware v4.0424.4.

You can determine the firmware version of your device by entering the code *#0000# in the idle screen.

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